Bubblegum Blue Grips



Our bubblegum blue grips are as retro as it comes. Think hubba-bubba and shell suits and you’re part way there. 😎

These are exactly the same hybrid material as our signature pink grips, so you know once you’re on that rig you’re not coming down. 👌🏻

Now all you’ve got to decide is are you team pink or team blue? 💕🦋

Don’t think boys and girls though! Here at MCF we’re smashing that gender bias to pieces as everyone gets the colour they want. 

Hands up if you’re getting both so you can mix and match?! 🙋🙋‍♀️

View our size guide.

Leather / Rubber hybrid 

Hand wash in cold water

Available in M, L and XL – please see our size guide for details 

Free pair of matching sweats