Chris is our chief buyer and has the negotiating power of a 🦁. He’s secured us AMAZING deals with our suppliers which we’re able to pass down to you guys. 

When he’s not being CrossFit’s Wolf of Wall Street 🐺, Chris can be found on / in the water either hunting waves or hunting fish 🏄🏻‍♂️🐟

In the box, don’t be fooled by Chris’ 7 foot stature, this guy can MOVE - as long as he hasn’t had too many cocktails the night before 😜🍹

Chris has been working through those CTB and MU progressions and his BIGnastics is really coming on! 🤸🏻‍♂️

All those progressions have been in the comfort of our MCF grips, which in Chris’ words are ‘cool as f*ck’ 💕🦋


As well as being our social media wordsmith, Nick is a particularly dramatic CrossFit athlete. 5 min EMOM for a warm up? He’ll be in pieces on the floor.🤣🎭

Nick is however an accomplished mojito maker, a passion which he has passed onto the rest of the MCF team, this has also resulted in some questionable moves on the dance floor for all involved. 🕺🏻🍹

Having been the victim of some particularly aggressive callous rips and tears, you won’t catch him in anything else other than a pair of those MCF grips 💕🦋


Need something broken? Adam is your man. Nothing remains in one piece for long around this lad…

Not surprising really that Adam is our Quality Assurance Tester. We’ve lost count of the number of different types of grips Adam has broken during testing. This is how we know for certain our final product is STRONG AF – Adam hasn’t managed to break them! 🤣💪🏻

Adam is the king of full send. Whether it’s a workout or a night out he’s all in. That’s what we love about him. 💯

No way you’d catch him full send in anything other than those MCF grips! 💕🦋